Paco the Donkey

Paco the Donkey

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** All dolls ship after October 28th

Meet Paco the Donkey Made from 100% natural cotton safe and ready for adventures!

All our dolls are entirely handmade. Every detail is hand-knit, hand-loomed, embroidered or crocheted stitch by stitch by mothers in Northern Argentina. 

We work with an amazing non-profit that carries out programs to promote the growth and integral development of children in places where there is poverty. Furthermore, support and training is provided for the new mothers who make these dolls by hand, one by one 🙏🏼. You will also have the pleasure to meet the person who made your little friend through a description. 


  • Care Instructions: Your doll can be machine washed in cold water on the gentle cycle, but we recommend washing your MONMAR doll by hand and laying it flat to dry to help preserve its shape and details.
  • MONMAR dolls are suitable to be loved by children of all ages. Each of our dolls are safety tested for newborns and up. We recommend young children be supervised when playing with all toys, including our dolls.

We provide a sustainable, fair trade income for women.