Our Fabrics

Our commitment to creating a positive impact in our society and environment begins with our fabrics. We strive to always use cotton and recycled cotton for our products. We want to ensure that our products are consumer and Earth friendly which is why we wanted to present a different way of life for our consumers. Our fabrics are reused from cotton old t-shirts, blankets, undergarments and more. They are machine washed and dyed to create a new material for use. Imagine a time when all of our cotton garments could have a second life. That is our goal and purpose.
One of the main reasons why we encourage recyclable uses of cotton is because of its benefits. Recycled cotton prevents additional waste and requires less resources than organic cotton. It also can come from varied uses in society rather than being created from scratch. According to a study by Gail Baugh at San Francisco State University, recycled cotton uses less water, chemicals, dyes and energy compared to organic cotton. 
Don’t miss out on your chance to contribute to the environment in a positive way by purchasing one of our many options. Breathable enough to cradle and carry your child during any season but also provide warmth when needed. Our sustainable blend of recycled cotton minimizes natural resources, reduces the use of new chemicals and is 100% safe and healthy for you and your little.